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Seth Godin on the AI Revolution

Seth Godin, the godfather of internet marketing, contends that AI will be as ubiquitous to us as our phones have become. He doesn't think people understand how transformative AI is. The significance of how deeply integrated AI could potentially be in our lives is profound.

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“AI is dramatically underhyped and wildly misunderstood, so if we wanted to, we could talk about it all day. I started working with AI in 1983 when I took a PhD-level course at Stanford with Doug Lanat, who was one of the pioneers of machine learning. Just like the internet when it first showed up, what many people at existing companies said is well it’s just like the old days except emails a little faster than regular mail, but it doesn’t work that way and it doesn’t work that way because of scale and because of speed and because of price. And what is going to happen is AI, as seen in GPT-3 and then GPT-4 which is going to blow people away, is always going to be with us and that is why it’s going to change everything. Not because someone in some office is going to use it to solve some interesting problem, but because it’s going to be persistent the same way we went from using our phones four minutes a day to four hours a day, and when you have that thing in your ear, it’s going to change everything.”