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Discover the edge your team needs With Maureen Kerr’s ChatGPT Business Training, your team will navigate Chat GPT and other AI tools with confidence, tapping into unparalleled efficiency and innovation.

Key Findings and Concerns Reduction in Idea Divergence: The overuse of generative AI leads to a 40% decrease in the collective divergence of ideas. This suggests that reliance on AI

Seth Godin, the godfather of internet marketing, contends that AI will be as ubiquitous to us as our phones have become. He doesn’t think people understand how transformative AI is.

Direct Problem-Solving: With Cove Consulting, we get straight to the point, tackling your business challenges head-on. Our approach is efficient, aiming for quick, impactful results. 25 Years of Experience: 25


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Unlocking the Potential of ChatGPT for Your Business: A Must-Try Innovation

Have you heard about its capabilities but don't know where to start?