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With Maureen Kerr’s ChatGPT Business Training, your team will navigate Chat GPT and other AI tools with confidence, tapping into unparalleled efficiency and innovation. From theory to hands on, engaging group dynamics, this customized session transforms potential into performance. Don’t let your team fall behind.

In a workshop delivered by Maureen Kerr from Cove Consulting, participants found significant benefits from the session, summarized from a follow up survey, below:

Comprehensive Subject Mastery:

Maureen’s thorough preparation and understanding of the subject matter were evident, enabling her to keep all participants engaged. This was particularly beneficial in accommodating varying levels of prior experience among attendees, ensuring that everyone found value in the session.

Practical Application and Engagement:

The workshop facilitated deep engagement with practical tools like GPT and Midpoint, highlighting the importance of being cautious about potential risks. Participants appreciated the hands-on approach, including the provision of “cheat sheets” for future reference.

Customization and Relevance:

Suggestions were made to tailor the workshop content more closely to the specific business needs of the participants, such as incorporating examples relevant to professionals like accountants and lawyers or how businesses can utilize their own data more effectively with GPT.

Follow-up and Deep Dives:

The idea of recommending follow-up sessions tailored to the specific business challenges of participants was well-received. This approach would build upon the introductory workshop, allowing for deeper dives into subject matter relevant to the participants’ actual business environments.

Format and Delivery Flexibility:

Group sessions were deemed very effective for fostering interaction and collaborative learning. However, there was also interest in more focused follow-up sessions, potentially on a one-on-one basis, to address specific issues. The effectiveness of both in-person and remote delivery methods was acknowledged, emphasizing the importance of creating a comfortable and interactive environment.

In summary, the workshop led by Maureen Kerr was highly regarded for its engaging delivery, practical applications, and the potential for tailored follow-up sessions to deepen the learning experience. The session effectively catered to a diverse audience, demonstrating the value of such training for businesses and professionals looking to leverage new technologies.

Comments from the conversation:

Maureen clearly did her homework and had an easy and fluid grasp of the subject matter. That was most obvious during the interactions of the group and her ability to respond and keep everyone engaged and keen to dig deeper.

It was exciting to see people so deeply engaged with GPT and MidJourney, and with a discussion on risk to be wary of when using these tools. That showed real value to participants.

She thought the cheat sheets were valuable and appreciated receiving them.

xxxx said the session would be very valuable for teams within a business and should be marketed directly to that segment. The introductory session, followed by a deeper dive into the specifics of their needs, works well – especially if the participants have a chance between sessions to use GPT on their own and are more comfortable with the tool and can bring forward questions they had from their experiments.

Group sessions vs one-on-one? The group format was very effective as it allowed participants to interact and escalate the ideas discussed and learning achieved. One-on-one sounds good, but may be more relevant to follow up sessions dealing with specific issues in a business – or a session with one, while preparing for a team session for the rest of the team/business.

In person vs Zoom? Both would work OK. Make sure the group is comfortable with each other and you break the ice between them, so they will be comfortable speaking up during the session. Laurie saw no issue with delivering these sessions from anywhere to anywhere.

xxxx thought it was very cool that the farmer in the group quickly understood the value and went on her own to see how she could be better at applying for grants relative to her operations.

Maureen is very clever. xxxx was impressed with how fluid M was with the programs, and how quick she was to react to the group’s input and then go on to use their ideas in her demonstrations.

Maureen is more knowledgeable about the subject matter than anyone xxxx knows.

xxxx enthusiastically said, “I would definitely recommend Maureen to others”.